September 22, 2021


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Want to Have a Home Away from Home? Here Are 5 Decorating Ideas for Your Vacation House

As a working adult, you have to take a vacation once and a while to avoid feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with your daily tasks. A time away from your job is one of the best gifts that you can give to yourself today. A new view and fresh air would improve your physical and mental health since it brings a feeling of calm and relieves stress. Besides that, it helps boost happiness, creativity, and productivity because you feel refreshed when you return.

Now that you know the great benefits of having time away from your heavy workload, you probably bought a vacation house of your dreams where you can chill and relax with your family and friends. However, it needs to be furnished and decorated first to make it a home away from home. If you are looking for decoration ideas for your second home, then keep on reading. 

  1. Purchase made-to-measure roman blinds

Roman blinds and curtains are very important items because they ensure that you will have the privacy that you need. Additionally, you may use them to block UV rays from entering the room. You must purchase made-to-measure blinds for your vacation house instead of off-the-shelf roman blinds. The made-to-measure roman blinds will give you the flexibility to decide on their size, fit, color, and pattern so that they can match your exact needs and requirements. You can also choose the fabrics and linings of the roman blinds you plan to purchase. While off-the-shelf roman blinds are ready-made options with standard sizes and designs hence you can no longer alter them to match your tastes and preferences.

  1. Use roman blinds, dividers, and screens to create multiple spaces

Your vacation house might look crowded and cramped if you bring your family members and some of your friends. When this happens, you will not feel relaxed and if anything, you will become more stressed by just seeing the unorganized and messy surroundings. This is where the importance of putting roman blinds, dividers, or screens comes in. They can break a large room into several small spaces giving you and your friends your own nook where you can exercise in peace. Make sure to purchase those that are hand-painted or with vintage aesthetics to make the vacation house more visually appealing.

  1. Use removable wallpaper

If you are the type of person who loves to follow design trends, removable wallpaper is for you. It will allow you to instantly switch from one interior design to another depending on your preference. It is also very easy to remove and costs much less than purchasing several paint colors. To place it on the wall, you just have to dampen its adhesive using a sponge and spray bottle. It is very simple and you can perform the whole process in less than an hour. You can choose from a multitude of pattern options including Scandinavian and modern designs. 

  1. Display several air plants

You might face several inconveniences during your vacation hindering you from becoming stress-free. The presence of a pop of green like air plants can help you feel relaxed and calm. These kinds of plants are not high maintenance since they can survive even with little to no care. They will not die even if you don’t regularly visit your vacation house. Another good thing about air plants is that you can display them in a variety of ways. You can put them in a transparent glass or wooden vase and hang them on the ceiling of your veranda. You may also place a few plants in your bathroom to serve as decorative accents. 

  1. Have an accent wall

Creating an accent wall is one of the fastest, easiest, and cost-effective ways of making your vacation house a home away from home. You just have to choose one side of the four walls of the room to paint or put wallpaper on that can make it stand out from the rest of the decorations and furniture pieces. 

In Conclusion

Don’t forget the list above when you start decorating your vacation house. They will help you create the perfect second home that is right for you and your family. Give yourself a favor by purchasing a vacation house and turning it into a property you have always dreamed of owning!