September 19, 2020


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Ways to Enjoy Your Deck in the Colder Months

As the seasons change and the weather gets less and less sunny, your deck might...

As the seasons change and the weather gets less and less sunny, your deck might start to see less attention than it did in the summertime. It can seem like it’s useless to think about using it in the fall and winter, but there are ways that you can still enjoy your outdoor amenity before springtime comes again.

The Scenic Route

Your deck was built for use, and taking a moment to enjoy its views even once a day can help you to make the most of it. Put away your bulky patio furniture and replace it with more weather-friendly options, even if you only put a couple of chairs and a small table out there. Having a cup of coffee while admiring the beauty of nature can be a breathtaking moment, especially if you are lucky enough to have an elevated deck off of your bedroom.

Dress It Up

Even if you can’t host barbecues right now that doesn’t mean you can’t make your deck look nice in the meantime. Make it an autumn paradise, lining it with pumpkins and adding in hay bales by the door. Don’t forget about scarecrows and paper lanterns for an added touch of fall nostalgia.

The wintertime can also be the perfect time to make your deck look pretty, even if you’re covered in snow and rain. String lights along banisters and pillars, place a wreath on the door and add garland to railings.

Cozy Evenings

Unless you live in a perpetually rainy place like the Pacific Northwest, you probably encounter some pleasantly crisp, clear evenings during the colder months. Why not take advantage of these rare nights and hang lights and a small fire pit to your deck? Even if it’s only you and your mate, cozying up together with a warm fire burning can be a romantic, intimate experience.

It’s a long six months until the weather starts improving, but that doesn’t mean that you must stop enjoying your deck. Make the most of it, even when the seasons turn.