June 4, 2020


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What Are Your Garage Door Options?

Many people take garage doors for granted until they need to be purchased or replaced....

Many people take garage doors for granted until they need to be purchased or replaced. As a result, you may not realize the different options available. However, garage doors are available in different materials, including some that mimic the appearance of others. Additionally, Austin’s Greater Garage Doors come in different configurations, allowing them to open in different ways.


There are at least five different materials from which garage doors can be made, and there are positive and negative characteristics of each. Wooden garage doors require the most upkeep but also offer many different styles. Metal doors are durable and require little maintenance but can be heavy and susceptible to dents. Those installed in locations by the seaside may rust. Glass garage doors make an attractive addition to modern homes but can be very heavy. Vinyl, fiberglass, or composite materials can mimic the appearance of wood or metal without the vulnerabilities of either. However, they may be more expensive than metal doors.


Before you can arrange Pflugerville garage door installation, you must first decide how the garage doors are going to open. You may be most familiar with the garage doors that roll up out of sight, but though this may be the most common option, it is not the only one. Garage doors can also slide out of the way, swing upward or outward, or fold in on themselves. Although most garage doors of all configurations are motorized to open and close automatically with the touch of a button, there are also those that must be opened and closed manually.


Choosing a garage door that matches the style of your home is important for maintaining your curb appeal. A glass garage door on a Colonial home would look out of place, even off-putting. However, do not worry that you have to have a swing-out garage door on your Craftsman home to maintain its design integrity if you would rather have a roll-up door. Many manufacturers of roll-up garage doors offer options that mimic the design of swing-out doors. They have decorative door handles and faux strap hinges along the side, but these non-functional components are merely nailed on or glued in place. This makes the embellishments less sturdy, but with normal use, few homeowners experience any problems.

Garage doors of all styles may include glass panels near the top. Though optional, this can be practical for allowing daylight into the garage and also gives it an inviting look from the outside.