October 21, 2021


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What Should Parents Send With Their Children to Child Care?

Early childhood education provides a great way for children to socialize and learn the basics of schooling at a young age. For many parents, however, sending their child off each morning can be stressful. Learning about the proper items to pack for child care can do a lot to relieve the anxiety and ensure the children will have everything they need for the day. Read more about 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten Calgary.

Extra Set of Clothing

A necessary item to pack every child, regardless of age, is extra clothing. This includes an extra shirt, pants, shoes, and socks. All clothing items should be packed in a gallon-size Ziploc bag with the child’s name printed in permanent marker. A change of clothes is important for many reasons. Most early childhood education centers allow children to play outside, potentially dirtying their clothing. Accidents can also happen during craft activities or painting. Even children who are trained to use the toilet can have an accident that requires a change of pants. Prepare for these events and never send a child to school wearing their best clothes.

A Healthy Lunch

It’s important for parents to pack a nutritious lunch for their child to take to childcare. The lunch should be safely stored in a labeled lunch box. Food that can spoil easily should be avoided and an ice pack should be packed as well. There are a few reasons most child care facilities require parents to supply the child’s lunch. It prevents allergic reactions for children who have food allergies. It also ensures the children are eating not only food they enjoy but something the parent wants them to have.

Security Object

Many children benefit from bringing a security item like a blanket or a stuffed animal to child care. This allows them to feel relaxed, especially in the beginning when things can be stressful. The security object should be anything the child feels attached to and uses for comfort. It can even be a book that they particularly enjoy. A special blanket or toy can also help during nap time, allowing the child to relax enough to fall asleep away from home. The importance of the security object is often overlooked but it can be one of the most important items for a small child at child care.

Other Necessary Items

Other important items are necessary to pack for child care that varies by age and child. For example, any medication or over-the-counter pain relievers will require a doctor’s note to allow the center to administer the right dose. Very young children will need a large supply of diapers, wipes and rash cream kept at the center, along with a day’s supply brought each morning. Infants will need formula or breast milk and bottles while toddlers and older children can use a sippy cup.

When a child is sent to an early childhood education center, packing all of the necessary items can make the experience positive and enjoyable for both parent and child. A change of clothing will help in case of accidents while a healthy lunch will prevent allergy problems. The security object is intended to make the child feel comfortable away from home. Always label everything with the child’s name to prevent mistakes and ensure items make it back home. With a bit of planning, packing for child care can become second nature.