January 16, 2021


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What You Should Be Looking for in a Coworking Space

Ten years from now, experts estimate that 30% of the workforce will be in coworking spaces. Why shouldn’t they? Coworking spaces are more spacious and cheaper. They also have more amenities and are closer to public hubs. While you can work from home, the silence (and chaos) of a household can interfere with your productivity levels. Coffee shops are too noisy and boisterous. Coworking spaces have the right balance of buzz and quiet. Besides, you get to meet a lot of people in coworking spaces, too.

You should look for a coworking space that had mold testing in Provo or other cities. Improperly maintained workspaces can affect your productivity. It also increases the risk of burnout. Also, the cleanliness of a coworking space matters. Imagine working in a messy coworking space. That is a major distraction.


The coworking space should be near the public hubs—transportation, office buildings, restaurants, and shopping malls. You’d want to be in the main business center if your budget can afford it. But although the right location is essential in the success of your business, freelancers don’t need it.

If you’re working for an offshore company, you can work anywhere your heart desires. If there’s a coworking space in the middle of the desert, you can work there, provided it has an Internet connection. The location of the coworking space only matters if you’re going to meet clients there. If you do your work online, you can work from anywhere you want.


Make sure that the facilities and amenities of the coworking space are an improvement over your local coffee shop or home office. Coworking spaces should have electrical sockets, fast Internet, coffee, plenty of desk space, air conditioning, and ergonomic furniture. You should also choose a coworking space that will allow you to rent a private office in case you need to talk to a client. You can opt for a shared desk to mingle with other freelancers and small business owners, or you can have a private space reserved for you every day.


Your comfort when staying in the coworking space should be your priority. Do you feel comfortable in the parking lot? If you have physical disabilities, can you access the coworking space with ease? Is there an elevator or an escalator perhaps? The environment in the room should be friendly to all types of workers—freelancers, business owners, and employees.


What’s the community like in the coworking space? Some may be uncomfortable if the coworking space is being used to “recruit” people to a multi-level networking scheme. The manager should be careful with allowing certain groups to conduct presentations in the common space. This should be done in private rooms.

But it is also the manager’s responsibility to maximize this community of freelancers and business owners. Seminars, training, and workshops can be conducted to enhance the skills of those using the coworking space. For example, the coworking space can partner with a yoga studio. Instructors can come in every weekend to teach yoga.

The coworking space you choose should contribute to improving your productivity levels. If it’s too much of a distraction, you should choose a different one that has the amenities you need. Always weigh your options before committing and paying for a year’s worth of rent.

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