October 24, 2021


Anything but ordinary

Why Outsource Your Metal Fabrication?

The manufacturing industry is a complex web of specialists serving a range of brands. Sometimes, individual shops contract to provide the entire production line service, but more often the best approach is a combination of in-house work and outsourced contractors. You might wonder why that is, and why more businesses don’t fabricate all their goods from the ground up, but the answer is pretty simple once you think it through. Between operations like extrusion, die casting, and fabrication, there is a lot of equipment required just to make a single part, much less a complex mechanical or electronic product. From screen doors to flashlights to highly durable power tools, today’s goods often take more operations in their manufacture and assembly than a single plant can provide.

Trusting Fabrication Specialists

Fabrication is a major step in the process of putting a product together, because it involves the wide range of processes that individually make small changes to the raw part, providing you with finished components that are ready for assembly. If you don’t have a full fabrication facility already, it’s usually less expensive to work with a contracted metal shop to provide you with the finishing touches, and many fabrication shops can also handle first-line manufacturing tasks like extrusion or die casting. Whether you use the same provider for both of these fundamental tasks is a matter of your individual needs and bottom line, but in the end, it’s almost always less risky to hire metal fabrication Lansdale PA than to invest heavily in an entirely new department and all the equipment that goes with it.

Outsource Locally or Abroad?

There are advantages to both local and international outsourcing, but the biggest thing to remember is that the further you go from your business’s facilities, the more costly transporting the parts to your team for assembly will wind up being. That’s why many of today’s industry leaders look for fabrication contractors that are near their facilities, and why you should check out your options nearby if you’re operating in Pennsylvania.