April 18, 2021


Anything but ordinary

Why you shouldn’t color-match a paint color from one brand to another

Have you ever found a colour that you completely like in one particular paint manufacturer...

Have you ever found a colour that you completely like in one particular paint manufacturer but you favor working with a different manufacturer for your walls?  You likely assume it is no significant offer to do a colour match and that almost everything will switch out just wonderful.  Properly, not so, say the specialists, and I have found it for myself.


Each and every manufacturer has its very own system and they use their very own underlying colours to develop that tone.  Let us say you locate an powerful blue like Benjamin Moore’s #840 Kensington Blue but you favor to use a competitor to purchase your paint.  The underlying colour mixture that creates this lovely blue will change among all the aggressive manufacturers so you could be in for a surprise when the colour is up and does not particularly resemble the colour you thought you had been receiving.

A few many years back a client appreciated the colour I selected for her toilet but her painter applied a competitor as an alternative of Benjamin Moore.  She colour matched it at the keep and was disappointed when the job was entire simply because it didn’t switch out particularly the way she thought.  I was able to see the variation in the undertones myself.


I also expert this at a the latest Benjamin Moore seminar wherever there was a mild box which exhibited the variation in their colour vs. the competitor’s colour.  When the mild was off, the colours seemed the very same.  But when the mild went on, you could see immediately how the colours had been distinctive.


So, if you like a colour, do not sacrifice the close outcomes on your walls simply because you want to expend fewer on a can or two of paint.  Get that colour and you are going to be content each individual time you walk into your home.