October 24, 2021


Anything but ordinary

Working as a Contractor in the Internet Age

You might be a talented contractor, but the industry is saturated. Numerous HVAC, construction and general contractors pop up when you perform an Internet search in your local area. It’s time to stand out from the crowd by focusing on a few key elements. Be a successful contractor in the Internet age by welcoming technology into your everyday world.

Bulking up the Website

Your first task in the Internet world is updating the website. Contractors are notorious for overlooking these pages because they’re simply in the field working. It’s understandable, but this oversight can cost you with missed opportunities. Add in new content, update project images and build up your social-media presence. All of these updates expand your reach with customers in your local area.

Generating Leads

Look for websites that cater to contractors looking for work. You’re often asked about specialties and certifications. Be honest about your workforce’s skills as you generate leads in this manner. Any misrepresentation can lead to a poor, customer review.

You might work with your previous clients and ask them about potential work with friends and family. Vendors may also have information on upcoming jobs. Look for municipality work as well. Projects can appear almost magically when you speak to enough people and put your company out there on a virtual level.

Responding to Reviews

Online reviews will be both good and bad. You’re welcome to respond to both kinds of reviews so that you have a presence among your clients. Be professional with each response, however, because many prospective customers also read the reviews. The fact that you respond to the comments shows that you care about your business and reputation. Customers respect those actions from contractors, which leads them to hire you afterward.

Keeping up With Certifications

The Internet can keep your business busy on several levels, but don’t forget to maintain your certifications. Refresh your crew on industry standards so that you’re always licensed and certified in your particular line of work. Advertise this fact on your website. Your customers appreciate a contractor that’s constantly educating their team.

There will always be slow periods in the contracting industry, but use those times for building up your online presence. From blogs to email blasts, any pathway to remind customers about your business is a chance at contractor leads. At the end of the slow season, you’ll have several projects in the works.